There are so many ways that the disciple can be liberated. There are the Dark Side Quests, the Keyshops, and even the Shops. So how do you choose?

Dark Side Quests

In Disciples: Liberation, players can explore a dark fantasy world and fight foul beasts in turn-based combat. They can recruit others to help them in their quests, and gather resources to upgrade their home base. Hundreds of unique quests await them in this mature strategy RPG. However, if they make a mistake, their efforts can result in a deadly domino effect. To help prevent such a scenario, the publisher Kalypso Media has introduced a new DLC for the game. Featuring new content, Paths to Madness will be available on PC and Xbox One on March 24th, 2022.

This DLC is compatible with the game’s base and will add over 60 hours of gameplay to the title. The new dungeons and enemies will also bring a new set of rewards and relics. Players will also be able to recruit new units in the main game and in multiplayer.

During the Dark Side Quests, new characters will emerge, new challenges will be encountered, and players will find new secrets. There are also four new powerful enemies to defeat. Each will feature a different type of relic, which can be used in the main game or in multiplayer. Those who are willing to put in the effort will be rewarded with a Living Armor made of steel and magic.

Another relic, the Blood Ent, will allow you to hunt for pure Elven bloodlines. Unlike other Elven bloodlines, this blood has a special affinity for steel. For those who can’t get enough of this weapon, they can purchase the new Disciples: Sickness of the Words, which features Living Armor as well. It is the first game in the Disciples series to offer such a weapon.

Finally, Paths to Madness includes the secret workshop of the Veil. This relic is a mystical place tucked away in the depths of the game’s world. During this mode, you will discover several secrets and lost treasures. These will be used to fight your way through the various dungeons and abysses that await you. You will also have to face the devious Daughter of Sin, who has been exiled from the Legions of the Damned. She is known for her diligence and cruelty.

Disciples: Liberation is a mature strategy RPG that features a rich overworld and combat scenes. Players can build an army and explore a dark fantasy world. Along the way, they can take on hundreds of unique quests and form alliances with other players. With 270 quests and five different endings, you can experience a rich storyline and dark fantasy epic over three acts.

Disciples: Liberation is now available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Those who own this game will be able to access the Paths to Madness DLC for a limited time. The publisher is offering a 10% discount on the DLC during this period.

Shop to choose from

If you’re a fan of the Disciples series, you’ll be excited to learn that the latest DLC, Disciples: Liberation – Paths to Madness, is now available on Xbox One and PC. The new content features all-new dungeons, quests and the long-forgotten weaponry of the era, as well as an intriguing storyline with an eye on bringing a little more hope to the world of Nevendaar.

Unlike the original Disciples, Paths to Madness is free and can be downloaded in the Steam library. Its biggest draw is the new dungeon, which includes the most elaborate and aesthetically pleasing level design to date. You’ll also have the opportunity to test your skill against powerful enemies in the game’s most challenging mode. Lastly, you’ll have the opportunity to collect the game’s most valuable items, including rare armor, weapons, and treasures.

In addition to the new dungeon, you’ll also have the chance to take the new Avyanna on a new journey to liberate the people of Nevendaar. Not only will you have a ton of new items to collect, you’ll also get to try out the newly introduced Living Armor, a unique blend of steel and magic. While you’re at it, you’ll also be able to experience the nirvana of a lifetime with the most highly detailed character model in the game’s history.

Keyshop to choose

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